1. The Lenovo G460 will keep me in touch to my family, girlfriend and friends closer. Because I can answer email and chat on the go, using broadband like globe tattoo or smart bro and sun broadband.

2. Ease of access to Wi-Fi hot spots. Being able to access the Internet at home or from public Wi-Fi zones is a great convenience; it will make my online identity more fun and colorful.

3. Lenovo G460 features a high-end graphics card so I can play games on it anywhere. With the Lenovo G460 I can have Blazing Speed with Flawless Operation. Mobile Gaming on the go.

4. It will keep me updated on the news about latest technology, reviews on gadgets, leisure’s and other news.

5. I can watch movies while traveling. Because it has DVD drive, i can have everything I need to take movie entertainment when i travel.

6. The Lenovo G460 will be useful when I run out of space on my camera. It has the capability to store more data or media files on its hard drives, so I can erase pictures on the memory card of my camera and start the shutter over and over again.

7. The Lenovo G460 will able to me to make playlists of my favorite songs while traveling, it’s a great convenience to load them to my iPod on the spot when I need to make changes on my playlist.

8. The Lenovo G460 has a powerful processor that will able me to do multi-tasking and make everything faster, save more time and spend the more time in Christmas and other event to make my family happier.. ^_^

9. As aspiring programmer this Lenovo G460 will help me allot in doing programs.

10. I can make PowerPoint presentations on the go with this Lenovo G460.

This is my official entry to the Contest: Lenovo-YugaTech Laptop Give-away