Best GeForce video cards out on the market in 2009

1. GeForce GTX 295
This extremely powerful video card has two GPUs on-board, and when combined with a quality motherboard, you can’t create a better platform for gaming.
When you have GeForce GTX 295 in your PC, you will experience amazing frame rates in the latest games, realistic HD gaming, and picture-perfect Blu-ray and HD DVD movie capability.

2. GeForce GTX 285
This lightning fast card leads the competition in single GPU gaming. The GeForce GTX 285 is a 55nm version of the GeForce 280 with a whopping 1.4 billion transistors making for an extremely powerful graphics card.

3. GeForce 9800 GTX
At a very affordable price, this 512MB PCI-Express 2.0 video card gives you bang for your wallet. Not everyone needs a MONSTER CARD that is so expensive, and this excellent mid-range card will still have you gaming at a high performance. If you have the right type of motherboard, you have the option of 3-way SLI with the 9800 GTX which would give you a massive performance boost.

4. GeForce 9600 GT
The BFG GeForce 9600 GT is an expensive graphics card. The power you get for such a great price is unbelievable, thus making this card one of the most popular purchases around.


Must have software! TuneUp Utilities 2010

TuneUp Utilities 2010 is useful for me because the app provides a powerful, well-designed utility that accesses the entire Windows maintenance tool set and more in a fast, organized, and easy-to-use series of connected module. Enjoy Your PC: fast, stable, customized. Have more fun–with your computer without all the hassles thanks to your new PC assistant. Work faster and get a better gaming experience. here is the link to their site :


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i’am gonna update this blog every friday because i have lots of subjects this semester and weekend is my only free time to blog., Blogging is one way to express my feelings online., ^_^

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